Integrate user data

Connect your customer conversations to user data to get the full picture of user feedback. Sifting through user feedback to quantify requests, bugs and issues is just the tip of the iceberg.

Converting what you’re hearing into actionable product insights means tying data that other teams understand and care about to feedback. With ScopeAI Impact this is one click away…

Centralize user data and feedback

Connecting conversations to user profiles or business data use to take a village. Support teams would tag tickets and then data scientists would have to use SQL or R to run queries and pull out any context on users.

ScopeAI’s Impact integration consolidates this siloed data by connecting every conversation in your communication channel to the metrics that are important for your team and company.

Segment Feedback

Qualitative reporting about user feedback doesn’t cut it anymore. Creating a case for change requires user-facing teams to quantify the reach and impact of user requests. Here are some ways that ScopeAI Impact can be used today:

Churn Analysis

Resolve the bugs and issues that lead to churn faster. Use Impact to identify that 19% of users that reached out about the ‘unable to switch from annual to a 6-month subscription’ bug have churned. If this bug isn’t resolved, 55 more users could churn in the next 2 days.


Prioritize feature requests that lead to greater engagement. Segment requests by user activity (time spent on platform) and their corresponding account plans (starter, growth and enterprise) to rank the feature requests by most likely to drive engagement.

Cost to Service

Identify issues that are most costly to handle. Impact allows you to connect data such as agent time to specific user requests. Example, 30% of support request time is spent on issues related to login flow, by improving the user experience the company can reduce costs by at least $20,000.

Easy to setup

Interested in getting started? Visit for a step-by-step guide or contact for more information!

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